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“FYI, I’m now two for two on my ‘homework’ that I’ve submitted to funders.”

“Jon gave us his ‘trade secrets.’ This willingness to ‘give back’ to his community is clearly a priority.”

“I hope you offer the class again so those unfortunate souls who were shut out can benefit from your experience. When your book comes out, I will be standing in line for an autographed copy.”

“I have noticed the improvement in all of my writing, both creative and work related. The ‘7Cs’ were a tremendous help, and one of the key ideas that I absorbed from the class.”

“Over the years I have raised close to three million dollars writing grants. Nevertheless, I took something of value from every class. It was by far the most informative grant writing class I have ever attended!!!”

 “It related so directly to what I was/am doing. He obviously lives what he teaches (and I do mean lives). Also he went far out of his way to help students outside of class. The nature of his teaching was intensive real-life. I got the feeling, correctly or not, that he was ‘giving away’ company secrets.”

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