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Nibble Away at a Few Sample Pages - FREE!


Still not sure?

Want to find out if the book is a good fit before you buy? Speaks to your needs? Skills? Experience?

Well, I feel your . . . brain.

Like you, I am a book lice who has to randomly jump around a book, nibbling at its pages in hopes that it will be love at first…uh, skim…before I purchase it.

So, what follows is a list of sample pages from RIGHT BEFORE YOU WRITE. I did the jumping around for you. Out of context, these page probably won’t make complete sense and are not exactly the final quality you’ll see in the book – but they’re enough to give you an idea.

I know every other book on this subject takes itself very, very seriously – and so does this one, when it’s time to get down to the serious business of making money to help others. But if we are going to spend 300+ pages together we might as well have some fun too, right?

But, shhhh, don’t tell anyone, I had a BLAST writing this book! I wrote exactly what I wanted to write to get my point across in my own unique way. And I figured that if I had fun writing it you’d probably have fun reading it.
So, dear book lice, enjoy the sneak peeks!

– L’auteur

Download a PDF of Sample Pages (924 Kb)

Here's what's in the PDF

Page #1 – “Edi-fical effigies”
Page #12 – “The Inverted Pyramid Approach”
Page #13 – “Bill Of Writes”
Page #47 – “The Star Of The Show”
Page #56 – “Take My Example, Plase”
Page #117 – “one single burning question”
Page #182 – “First: The Basics”
Page #223 – “The Hell-evator Speech”
Page #252 – “Crapshoot”
Page #264 – “a new set of eyes”
Page #303 – “one special yoga position”
Bill Of Writes - “Hey Kids!”




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