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"If it’s generally true that how-to books on writing have a tendency to take themselves too seriously, O’Brien presents a refreshing about- face in this respect. “Bullshit inspired me to write this book,” is the author’s opening sentence—his point being that you can’t make a poorly planned program sound good, no matter how extensive your vocabulary is."
Janelle Adsit
ForeWord Reviews (Read the Review - PDF)

“This is the funniest book about writing I've ever read--and also the most serious. As the title says, ‘get it right before you write’, meaning you can't succeed without proper planning and establishing a good design for your document before you start writing it. Jonathan O'Brien covers the basics and the details with the same take-no-prisoners style, and turns a complicated topic into a learning adventure.”
Jim Barnes--Managing Editor
Independent Publisher Online

“…an absolute must for any organization that depends on grant money to survive.” )
James Cox
Midwest Book Review

“...provides the kind of knowledge that only highly specialized professional grant writers have known up to now.”
Alan Caruba


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