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Sandy Point Ink LLC is an independent publishing company formed by Jonathan and Charlotte O'Brien in 2007, in Santa Barbara County, California. RIGHT BEFORE YOU WRITE is the first of ten good books for good people who do good things™ that we will publish in the next ten years. Our intent is to join the ranks of what Fortune Small Business magazine calls entrepreneurial couples: “ of the most dynamic and unexpected forces in small business today.”

The Sandy Point Way

In the prettiest state,
in the prettiest part of the prettiest state,
on the prettiest lake in the prettiest part of the prettiest state,
is the prettiest road on the prettiest lake in the prettiest part of the prettiest state—a tiny dirt road that meanders its way through an enchanted stream-fed forest.

This road, known as Sandy Point Way, is named after a tiny sand bar that juts out into the middle of the 11-mile spring-fed Green Lake in Ellsworth, Maine.

A landmark for boatsmen navigating the lake and a great picnic place for those walking the lake, Sandy Point's soft sand beach is scattered with shady trees swept fresh from an offshore breeze.

Shallow enough to wade into warm clean water for a few steps, the sand bar then sharply drops deep down into the cool undercurrent of the glassy, cool water. In the ever-changing seasons of this majestic lake, Sandy Point stoically stands out as the one constant.

A few camps down from Sandy Point, is our camp on Sandy Point Way. There we spend idyllic summers recharging, rejoicing, rekindling friendships and family bonds, and reprioritizing what we do the rest of the year.

Summers in Maine: do what you want to do, when you want to do it and who you want to do it with—that's the Sandy Point Way. And it's within this spirit that the idea for our publishing company was conceived.

But Is It Possible?

Can we publish reasonably priced, entertaining and informative books of our own choosing?

Can we survive spending less energy on second guessing what the second guessers would think and more on clarifying the content of our vision?

Will we see validation to our belief that the best marketing tool is a book that resonates with words and thoughts, not slap-you-upside-the-head sales-speak?

Can our small streamlined operation handle our big ideas?

Are we being naïve to think that the shortest distance between an author and a reader is a self-published book?

Can we quickly gain a reputation for being a fun, reliable, straightforward springboard  for people with a good heart and good cause?

Can we survive on our philosophy to not just make a sale and move on, but to make a sale and help the buyer move on through continued dialog, follow-up, and using us as a resource?

Why Will Sandy Point Ink Succeed?

To make sure we have exhausted every possible opportunity to be successful, Charlotte knows the rules of marketing and Jon knows how to break them.

Both of us have talent and experience, and are not afraid to work hard. Or, as the Irish say, “We may be wrong, but we’re never in doubt.”

We’re selling a product we believe in. And by selling it we can help people help themselves—and others.

We will stand out from the pack because our unique voice and profound and professional presentation will be insightful, accessible, affordable, and entertaining.

People we trust believe in us.

Our Business Plan?

When it stops being fun, we stop doing it.  Not Fortune 500 thinking, we know.  But we see success not in numbers, but just being fortunate enough to do our best at what we like to do best. 

Our definition of success is to make a profit by making a difference.


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