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Charlotte O’Brien
President—Worldwide Operations

Charlotte O’Brien — President, Worldwide Operations — fell into self-publishing when Jon, her husband of 27 years, presented the idea to her. And like most of the time when Jon presented something to her, she fell for it. 

After all, she reasoned, they had been a team in one way or another since they met at UCLA Film School “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”  He was a 21 year-old phenom and she was the 28 year-old hussy who robbed his cradle. People warned him not to get involved, but anyone who knows Jon well will not take this tack. It’s an O’Brien legacy: “Don’t ever tell me what I can’t do.” Charlotte loved that about Jon, and realized that was one reason they made such a good team.

So she agreed when Jon asked, “Why should we go to the big publishing houses and beg them to publish my book?” She believed in his first book, Right Before You Write. It made sense given that they each brought years of experience in everything needed to pull off the venture successfully. And she believed they would become what Fortune Small Business magazine now calls entrepreneurial couples in their February 2008 issue: “…one of the most dynamic and unexpected forces in small business today.”  And, she hadn’t even read the article until after they launched the company.

Now she draws on all of her experience since she started working full time in 1968, both in the for-profit and non-profit arenas, as Sandy Point Ink’s President—Worldwide Operations. As usual, Jon came up with that title. And, like most every other time, she fell for it.

Jonathan O’Brien
Director of Thinkology

Sandy Point Ink's Director of Thinkology, Jonathan O'Brien, has given himself the lofty goal of writing 10 books in the next 10 years. This is a formidable task considering all the other formidable tasks he's involved in each year: designing/writing and winning $6-10 million dollars in competitive grants, teaching classes at Santa Barbara City College volunteering a couple of hundred hours, producing several videos, consulting on screenplays, working on the marketing of Sandy Point Ink product and offshoots such as workshops and speaking engagements and most importantly – trying to figure out a way to finally beat his brothers in golf without practicing.

He is especially looking forward to his first book, Right Before You Write, taking on a life of its own as readers embrace its tried-and-true principles and apply them to their own passionate causes. O'Brien holds fast to two principles that help him get through life:

•    Take your work seriously but not yourself
•    When at all possible, never pose for a picture – especially when the photographer says,  "…just be natural,
      it's going to look great…"

And for the real truth about O'Brien, The Contractually-Obligated About the Author


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